Ready to live your life by design, rather than default?  



Conquer overwhelm and reclaim your energy so you can get back to what's most important in your life.

Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? Is your to-do list out of control? Do you wake up exhausted, unsure how you'll get everything done?

It's no surprise, we live in an age of unparalleled stress. But what if I told you that even if you had more time, you would continue to be stressed and overwhelmed?

It's not about time management, it's about energy management.

Join us for this interactive workshop and learn how to get your energy back so you can do more of what you love

See what our workshop participants are saying...

“I got more out of this 3 hour workshop than I have in entire weeks-long courses.”

- Sara M.

"I have the tools I need to make better choices and actually do what's right for myself, rather than everybody else." 

- Rachelle T. 

"Life no longer feels like something that's happening to me.  I have much more control."

- Liz M.


See What Retreat Participants Are Saying...

"I finally understand that I don't have to let fear get in the way of doing what I most want to do."

"I'm excited to get going on this next phase of my life - I'm feeling unstoppable!"

"Wow!  I can't thank you enough for this experience.  Not only do I have a new sport that I love but I also feel like I can do anything I set my mind to!"

2020 Surfing Retreat Dates

July 24 - 26th

August 14th - 16th

Join us for a long weekend to reconnect with yourself, meet like-minded women, and learn the life-changing sport of surfing! You'll receive surfing instruction paired with powerful life coaching to set and achieve your biggest goals.  Let us take care of every detail so you can relax, recharge, and focus on what's important - your life!

You’ll have the space for reflection so that you can get clear on the vision for your life and create a plan on how to get there.  Learning to surf is a great way to start conversations about fear, limiting beliefs, and pursuing all of the awesome things you want to do in life.  Plus, we have a TON of fun.

Prices range from $1200 - 1800.  Save your spot TODAY with a $500 deposit.  

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