Learn to Surf, Change Your Life

September 20 – 22, 2019

SWELL (verb)

  1. to rise in waves, as the sea;
  2. to well up, as a spring or as tears;
  3. to grow in degree. (Merriam-Webster.com)


A life that is as vibrant and unique as you are, allowing you to wake up every day excited for what’s ahead.

You Deserve This.

The Swell Life vision is BIG:

Coach women to live their biggest, baddest, most audacious lives so they can go out and make the difference they want to see in the world.

Learning to surf combined with powerful coaching helps women* to dig deep, build confidence and understand the mental blocks that are holding them back. And have a TON of fun.

Living a life based in authenticity, fulfillment and joy is possible – we know because we’re doing it and our passion is helping you to do the same.

Isn’t it time to invest in a life YOU love? 

Our Retreats

Join us for a long weekend to reconnect with yourself, meet like-minded women, and learn the life-changing sport of surfing!

Let us take care of every detail so that you can relax and recharge.  

2019 Oregon Coast Retreat Date

September 20 – 22

You had me at Hello.  Where do I sign up?

We keep our retreats small to give you the best experience possible.  If you are ready to invest in your growth, please click the link below to fill out the retreat application:

Retreat Application

*We use an inclusive definition of women and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.

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